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Top 10 reasons to book with us

Here are our top 10 reasons to book with us.


  1. Verified reviews – 97% of guests would recommend booking through Connemara Holiday Lettings .  Reviews are genuine and verified so you can rely on honest reviews   
  1.  Rating System Our Quality – Book with confidence.  At Connemara Holiday Lettings we operate a strict rating system which means that you can be confident that the  accommodation you book will be of the standard you expect.  Our service teams  carry out regular checks on our properties and any changes are updated.  Our rating system enables you to book our properties with confidence no matter what kind of holiday accommodation or which holiday destination you choose.

Ratings Explained:

Premium accommodation with extraordinary quality furnishings and unique, top of the line amenities with luxury features throughout
Upscale, well-appointed accommodation with excellent furnishing and features including top quality baths, kitchens and amenities
Comfortable, pleasant, standard accommodation with many of the comforts and conveniences of home focusing on the needs of the price conscious holiday maker
  1. We’re at your service – At Connemara Holiday Lettings the service doesn’t just stop at the front door of your holiday home. From car hire to booking local activities or catering and babysitting services, we are happy to arrange everything you need for a perfect holiday.  We will even help you shortlist properties we think you will love if you don’t have time to browse around the site.
  2. Exclusive benefits to you – all of our customers receive our Connemara Privilege Pass.
  3. Get more bang for you buck!! We offer fantastic year-round value with great deals and overall competitive rates.
  4. Tailor made service – your holiday, your way – caters for private groups of all sizes and budgets. Allow us to organise your dream holiday.
  5. Booking protect – Now offering 100% refund protection on bookings to give complete peace of mind to guests, guarantees you a refund should you have to cancel your holiday for unforeseen reasons beyond control.
  6. Secure payments – verified secure booking by a trustworthy third part registration authority – Your booking is safe with us.
  7. Flexi-payment scheme – Holiday Home Easy payment – pay for your holiday in installments, spread the cost of your holiday in two, three or four easy installments
  8. Last but certainly not least…….   We are 100% Irish owned and locally based.  All of our staff are native of Connemara and have a wealth of experience and unrivaled local knowledge; the key to providing the excellent service expected by our customers.  Our strength is our team.  We’ve eaten in all restaurants, had a tipple in all pubs, walked the hills and the mountains, swam in all local waters – we can walk the walk and talk the talk!   If we cannot answer a query, we will know a local who can!



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