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Whilst we all love a good holiday abroad, there is a lot to be said for staycations in our own countries.  With the rising costs of jet setting abroad, there has been a huge increase in the number of people choosing to stay on home turf for a “staycation”.

Here are a few reasons as to why staycations can be the best!

  1. Saving time

A flight time may only be 3 hours, but in reality, you end up spending up to 6 hours. Between having to be at the airport two hours before take-off, getting to the airport, waiting for your luggage on the other side and then getting to your destination, it is all just so tiring!

With a staycation you can just load up your car and take off at your own leisure, stop along the way for some sightseeing or food, grab a coffee and take in your surroundings, and there is certainly plenty to see on the road to Connemara!

  1. No jet lag

We all know how hard it can be adapting to different time zones and how when we get home again, we nearly need another holiday just to get over the tiredness of being away. With staycations you avoid the stress of jet lag and the hardship of trying to get back to normality once you return home!

  1. Less stress

It can be a very stressful time trying to get to the airport especially when you have children in tow…Do we have all the passports? Did we print the boarding passes and maps and directions? Have we got the foreign currency? And not to forget the stress of getting through the airport security (that to me is stressful enough on my own never mind with the kids! 😊) To further reiterate my earlier point, just being able to jump in the car starts your holiday off in a hassle free way! Here in Connemara Holiday Lettings our main aim is to make your holiday as stress free as possible!


  1. Saves money

So, your saving by not having to pay for flights and you don’t have to worry about rubbish exchange rates which can make everything so much more expensive.

If you are on a budget, staycations are the answer, also by booking through Connemara Holiday Lettings we have a privilege card with exclusive offers on activities just for you!


  1. Me time!

Remember how we just saved some money – well this leaves us some extra cash to treat ourselves! Maybe you fancy a full body massage or a fancy meal? Keep an eye out for vouchers or offers which can be used throughout Ireland!


  1. Exploring

Staycations allow us to discover all the wonderful hidden gems our home turf has to offer, and trust me there are many places to explore and discover your own wild!! Connemara is famous for all the little side roads and secluded beaches or walks!

Check out our website for things to do


  1. Everyone can come

By everyone we mean you can bring along your furry friends, pet friendly properties are plentiful so you can bring your pooch along…. why should they miss out on all the fun?? Check out all of our pet friendly properties!



  1. Staycation Itinerary

By staying close to home, it gives more opportunity to fit more into your travel itinerary, and as previously mentioned by driving yourself your free to fit in some site seeing into the days of arrival and departure! Stay a few nights in Galway City, make your way out the N59 towards the famous Connemara, choose from places such as Ballyconneely, Renvyle, Cleggan or Clifden the unofficial capital of Connemara.



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