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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years
Connemara Holiday Lettings

New Years resolutions are generally all about giving up something! We here at Connemara Holiday Lettings feel they should be a positive thing rather than making you feel you are being deprived!
This year we are all about the positivity, which can sometimes be as difficult as giving up something! We as a whole are not programmed to being positive as much as we should be.  Below is a little list we have put together which we hope maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own resolutions list!

Wake up and be happy
Live in the moment
Dream big; if you believe it you can achieve it!
Believe it will all fall into place
Live life colourfully
Relax; book those weekend breaks away with friends or family
Choose happy; get out and enjoy the scenery
Dance in the rain
Chase adventure
Try something new
Stay weird
Be generous
Think outside the box
Do what you love
Step outside your comfort zone 
Believe you can 
And last but not least……..visit Connemara!!!!
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