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Easter Family Fun 🐰



When I think of Easter, two things spring to mind!

Chocolate and family time!!

The excitement of the Easter bunny coming and running out to the garden for the egg hunt trying your hardest to get more eggs than your siblings is still one of my favourite childhood memories.

Another tradition we had was creating an Easter egg tree.  Each year we would make new eggs to add to the collection (we would be eating a lot of scrambled eggs the weeks leading up to Easter haha!) But it is lovely to look back at the eggs and to see the new generations of our family adding to the collection.

We’ve put together a list of fun family Easter games and activities which are fun for everyone!

  1. The good old reliable Easter Egg Hunt – this can be down inside or outside and is always very exciting
  2. Chocolate bunny bowling – line up some shop bought chocolate bunnies and use a tennis ball to try and knock them over, the best thing is you can eat them afterwards!
  3. Arts and crafts – there are so many things you can make from household items, from using toilet roll holders in bunny rabbits too painting eggs shells to decorate an Easter egg tree – let your creative side shine
  4. Bunny hop races – to make this a little more entertaining for little ones, get plain white pillow cases and let them each decorate their own pillow case for the race
  5. Toss the egg (Best to do this one outside) – Divide up in to pairs and toss an egg back and forth, after each successful turn take a step back. Keep doing this until you drop your egg and it cracks.  The last pair left wins!
  6. Easter Eggs-ercises – fill left over plastic eggs with activities and physical challenges for little ones to complete.  For example ‘7 bunny hops’, ‘stand on one leg’ or ‘dance like a chicken’
  7. Easter egg basket toss
  8. Pin the tail on the bunny

The best thing about all these games is that you can play them anywhere, such as when your on your holidays in Connemara 😊

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