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Connemara Lettings alternative cleaning tips

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog Page Posts Slider, News

Cleaning tips

Connemara Lettings have compiled a list of top tips this week on alternative cleaning solutions and their uses for your home!

First check if you have any of these fantastic four natural cleaners that can be found in most home cupboards; Vinegar, Salt, Lemon juice/fresh lemons and Baking soda! You will also need cream of tartar, cola and WD40

Now on with the cleaning….

• Great oven cleaner – Mix bicarbonate of soda and smear all over the inside
of your oven. Leave overnight and scrub with hot water and a scourer.
• Unblock sinks by pouring down bicarbonate soda with some clear vinegar.
• Clean your windows with white vinegar hot water and scrunched up
• To clean a microwave put some cut lemons on full for 3 minutes to loosen dirt. It also leaves a lovely smell
• Dipping a cloth in straight lemon juice and rubbing it onto a stained area
can remove stains on vinyl items such as recliners or tile flooring.
• If your wood-burning fireplace has gathered soot and smoke smudges
around its exterior, you can spruce it up by applying a paste of cream of
tartar (not just for fish!) and water. Rub the paste into the stains, let it dry then scrub it off!
• Clean and shine your toilet by emptying a can of coke around the toilet bowl
leave it overnight then flush (And we drink this stuff – seriously!!)
• Remove burnt on food from a saucepan by boiling a cup of coke for a
minute or two
• Remove stickers on kids bedroom doors by peeling off the top layer
then spray the residue with a lubricant such as WD40 – wipe with a kitchen towel!

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