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Clifden Beach & Clifden Boat Club

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Host a regatta in the summer, swimming / sail boats are a few of the many activities held here.

Gurteen Beach, Errisbeg & Dogs Bay – Roundstone

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Two miles from Roundstone, on the road to Clifden, are two of the finest beaches in Ireland.   Gurteen Beach and Dog’s Bay lie back to back forming a tombolo jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Gurteen Beach is the larger of the two beaches and is located closer to Roundstone village. The water here is crystal clear and it’s very safe for swimming and other water based activities including windsurfing and kitesurfing. The beach is naturally protected by the headland which it faces to the south and this is a very popular destination for holidaymakers in the summer with wonderful walks and it’s a great place to collect sea shells.

Dog’s Bay (or Port na Fadoige in Irish meaning Bay of Plovers) faces due west. It is famous for its Foraminiferal Sands which are made of millions of microscopic shells. It is a stunning beach with its bright white sands and crystal blue water. Since 1991 the dunes separating Gurteen Beach from Dog’s Bay have been the focus of intensive efforts to plant Mar ram Grass to stem coastal erosion. Visitors are requested to respect the signs restricting access to the dunes. The wild headland which stretches out into the Atlantic between the two beaches is an area of great beauty and is a fantastic walk where you will be surrounded by water on three sides.

Dogs Bay and Gurteen Bay make up one of the finest stretches of coastline in Connemara with uncompromising views of Errisbeg and the surrounding countryside. The beaches were formed by a sand spit and tombolo which now separates the two bays and their beaches.

Lettergesh & Glassilaun

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Renvyle is home to spectacular beaches in particular the ‘white strand’, a long expanse of white sand with stunning views across the aquamarine ocean that would rival any beach worldwide. This magical place has inspired writers and artists and draws them back again and again, some have settled in the area.

Ballyconneely peninsula

Ballyconneely peninsula is virtually ringed by beaches – from the Coral Strand at Derrygimla, west and north to Knock, Mannin, Dunloughan and Truska, and east and south from Keeraunmore, Aillebrack, and Ballyconneely Bay to Calla, Dolan and Murvey. As well as being ideal for bathing, some of those beaches provide excellent bases for shore fishermen.

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Omey Island

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Omey Island is situated 7.6km from the house, this island can be reached on foot at low tide. There are fine strands and pony races take place in August. In the sandhills of the northern shore are the ruins of Teampall Féichin (Temple Feheen) a small medieval church, preserving the memory of the monastery founded by Saint Féichin of Cong. On the western shore is Tobar FéichIn – Féichin’s Well.

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