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5 Irish words that are forever imprinted into our brain

by | Dec 21, 2020 | News

Cáca Milis – Cake! Of course this word would be inprinted into our brain from childhood as, come on, what kid doesn’t love cake. Is maith liom cáca milis.

A Stór – When translated to English means “My treasure (ahhh isn’t that lovely). Why even non-fluent Irish natives are so familiar with this word, is it is a often used term of affection by our elder relatives. “Hello A Stór” Thanks Mammy….

Omadhaun – eejit/idiot, a word which you will hear once throughout your Irish childhood. A firm favourite of your mammy/granny/teacher/shop keeper….or maybe it was just me that heard it A LOT!

Sea – Yes/Ya, this is one of the first words we learned “as gaeilge” and was our go to word when we could not understand what the teacher was saying to us but wanted to seem like we did. Hence probably why the used the words above in point 3

An bhfuil chead agam go dtí an leithreas – if you could not recite this sentence perfectly to your teacher, chances are you won’t be allowed to go to the bathroom! Sorry!

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